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Notice of Withdrawal Account

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Written by Christy Stahlhut

BFS is now offering a new product, the Notice of Withdrawal account. This account attracts a higher rate of interest than at Call accounts and funds can be withdrawn with 31 days notice.

The Notice of Withdrawal Account can be added to at any time but requires notice to be given before funds can be withdrawn.

Notice may be given via telephone or email if the phone/email password is quoted or in writing. The withdrawal will occur on the first business day following the completion of the notice period which must be at least 31 days.

This account provides a great way to save with the higher interest and ability to add extra funds.


Features and Benefits

  • No minimum investment amount
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Interest calculated daily, credited monthly
  • Funds can be lodged into the account at any time
  • No account keeping or account transaction fees *
  • Notice of Withdrawal can be provided:
    • by Secure Email
    • via BFSOnline
    • by writing to us, or
    • by telephone, fax or email using Phone/email Password
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Please note at least 31 days notice is required for withdrawals.


April 2019 BFSNews

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Written by Christy Stahlhut

Keep up to date with the latest BFSNews.

BFSNews - April 2019 pdf

Read more: April 2019 BFSNews


BPAY Alert - Important Notice for Consumers

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Written by Daniela Vittor

BPay have alerted BFS that an email has been circulating, reporting to be from BPAY, advising that your payment has not been successful.

BPay advises the following:

• This email is not from BPAY
• Do not open any attachments
• Delete the email from your inbox

Please note BPAY never sends out direct email communication to customers.


eStatements (Email & Online Statements)

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Written by Christy Stahlhut

Welcome to BFSOnline eStatements

A direct result of our recent BFSOnline upgrade is the availability of eStatements.

The BFSOnline eStatement facility enables BFS clients to view their statements (eStatements) online within BFSOnline, rather than receiving paper statements sent to a postal address.

If you currently receive a paper statement and register to receive an eStatement you will receive an email each time a new eStatement becomes available in BFSOnline.

eStatements will be provided in a PDF format and can be viewed, saved and printed from BFSOnline. In addition to eStatements, other marketing material and information that would normally accompany a paper statement may also be included as a PDF document within BFSOnline or be provided via a separate link.

How do I register?

Personal clients can register online once signed into their BFSOnline account. Church and Business clients will need to obtain a registration form from our website, which can be downloaded from the home page under ‘Form Access’.

You are required to be registered for BFSOnline before you can register for eStatements. If you are not already a BFS client you will need to complete an account application, which can be downloaded from the BFS home page under 'Form Access'.


Church or Business clients: Apply for eStatements



Features & Benefits

  • Ability to view statements online
  • Can replace paper statements
  • Email notifications when new statements released
  • Provided in PDF format and can be viewed, printed or saved

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Disclosure Documents (Terms and Conditions)



If you have any questions, please contact us  Contact Us


Announcing New Appointments

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Written by Aija Zablovska

We welcome Mr David Slinn, our new CEO from 1 January 2015, following the retirement of Graeme Mitchell at the end of 2014.

David has been Chairman of the BFS Board for the past 6 years and has now commenced in a full time capacity as the new CEO. 

Owen Chew-Lee, former Deputy Chairman has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Board and Trevor Spicer has been appointed Deputy Chairman. 

See our BFSNEWS, January 2015 edition for further details.