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Online Security Alerts

Managing your accounts using BFSOnline is easy and secure however there are some steps that you should take.

1. You should never access BFSOnline by following a link in an email. 

2. Always access BFSOnline by going to our website and clicking on the ‘login’ button.

3. You should always have up-to-date virus and anti-spam software loaded on your computer. 

4. NEVER provide your password to anyone else and do not record it anywhere. If you believe someone has your password you can contact BFS and we can place a block on your account or you can access BFSOnline and change your password immediately. We also recommend you change your password and/or your login on a regular basis.

5. We do not recommend you use a public Internet facility to transact on your accounts as you cannot be assured of the security of the computer and if it has any viruses or malicious software.

You should be aware that some customers of other financial institutions have become victims of identity theft when they responded to bogus emails and telephone calls.  Please note that no one from BFS will ever contact you by email or telephone to request your Password.

See further information in our Factsheet: Security of Internet Account Access BFSOnline


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