Westpac Deposits Transition to Bank@Post

The transition period from Westpac Deposits to Australia Post Bank@Post has been extended which is outlined below:

Presentment of cheque withdrawals on the 034-866 BSB is allowed until 31 January. Any presentment of a cheque after this date will be dishonoured.

It is encouraged clients start using the cheque book on BSB 704-922 as soon as it has been received. This is to mitigate cheques being dishonoured on the old BSB as much as possible.

Credit books on the 034-866 BSB are able to be used at all Westpac branches until 26 February 2021. This will mean clients will be able to use Westpac deposit facilities until that date.

Reminder: When depositing cash at Westpac there is a maximum deposit limit of $7,500.00.

If a Westpac branch refuses a deposit please inform us so we can advise the Westpac branch of the updated extension period.

We require the below information to inform Westpac:

  • Branch details (suburb, state)
  • Date and approx. time of day
  • Type of deposit (Cheque, cash or cheque and cash)
  • Approx. amount if known
  • If they refused service or warned it was ending soon
  • The account you were lodging to
  • How you made the deposit (Westpac book at counter, BED bag, ATM or single deposit slip)

Due to circumstances out of our control the credit book orders were put on hold. This was because an issue was identified during testing phase that would prevent clients from being able to use the Bank@Post facility.

Both our internal and external teams have been working around the clock to have this issue corrected.

We have now received confirmation that all credit books ordered have been mailed. We are subject to postal time frames of Australia Post, and should be received around mid to late February. We encourage you to continue using facility at Westpac until the deadline of end of February.

For further information or assistance with this, please contact our Client Services Team on clients@bfs.org.au.

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704-922 – EFT transactions
034-866 – Cash/Cheque deposits (Via Westpac branch)

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